Category Match Game


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The example above is interactive and demonstrates the game play of this simple game.

This game begins when a visitor presses any button below one of the six graphic images. The pushbutton lamp blinks indicating it is waiting for a match. The player is then challenged to select the matching category by pressing a button at the bottom.

Once the player has made a match, the lamp remains lit. When all of the matches are made, a congratulatory tune is played and the game resets for the next visitor. If the player leaves before completing the game, it will reset automatically after 20 seconds.

The entire game interaction is controlled by SIGNAL INNOVA's GameWorks Controller. The subject matter is determined by the text and/or graphics. Since, in this case, there are two category pushbuttons, this same setup can be used for a True or False game by changing the legends on the pushbuttons and adding text (questions). SIGNAL INNOVA's graphics department can prepare a graphic layout using your subject matter and images.



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